In 2018 I vowed to simplify my life and my business in any and every way possible. Then I thought it would be a good idea to add becoming a Maskcara Artist to my plate.

DIY Gold and Wood Coffee Table

I'm terrible at keeping my projects to myself so if you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen this DIY gold and wood coffee table - but what you haven't seen is the DIY process that I'm sharing with you all today! If you're visiting from Janet (Shabby Fufu) – welcome. I'm thrilled to join an amazing group of DIYers and crafters organized by Tana (Your Marketing BFF) and Janine (Happy Happy Nester). I hope you’ll be able to stay 'til the end because you're going to find some pretty fabulous DIY and craft inspiration on this tour.

11 Steps To Quick Photo Editing In Lightroom

Call me weird (I’ve been called worse), but I enjoy editing photos even more than taking them. Well, hang on, let me rephrase that. Ever since I learned how to edit in Adobe Lightroom, I enjoy editing photos more than taking them.

My Interior Paint Colors, SW Black Fox, SW Windfresh White

Paint, paint, paint – I love paint! The most frequently asked question I get on my Instagram posts pertain to the color of my walls, so I’ve compiled my interior paint colors right here in one post for your convenience.

Get Bright Photos In Low Light Without Flash or Artificial Lights

I feel the need to preface this post by saying I am not a professional photographer. I am simply sharing how I get bright images in low light without flash or artificial lights in hopes that you can either:

Friday Fashion Ruffle Trim Midi Skirt

For 17 years I got dressed up every weekday to the go to an office. Some days I miss it, but for the most part I have thoroughly enjoyed spending a good part of the last 2 years in yoga pants. 

7 Things Tidy People Do To Keep A Clean House

First thing’s first – addressing tidy vs clean. Tidy is keeping things neat and orderly. Clean is keeping things free from dirt.

While these are two separate topics, they also go hand-in-hand because tidiness helps speed up the cleaning process. Rather than tidying up messes and then scouring the house, you’re just scouring the house when it’s time for a good clean.

Comfy Casual Light Winter Outfit

I'm in Dallas for the Dallas Total Home Market and I don't know when I'll be able to get back to Dallas so of course I had to squeeze in an extra day to visit Magnolia! 

Black front door, Tricorn Black

You guys have NO IDEA how excited I am that the EXTERIOR of our house is on the project list this year. We spent 3 years updating the interior little-by-little and there's still more to do but we're finally at a point where we can focus on the curb appeal, and I'll be straight up with you - our house has NONE.

Pink Suede Flats, Pink Backpack

Pops of blush are my thang! From my house to my wardrobe, I just can't help myself. I'm just as frugal when I shop for clothes as when I shop for home decor, so if you like name brands you probably won't find much of that here. If you like good finds, then you're in the right place!