My Interior Paint Colors

Paint, paint, paint – I love paint! The most frequently asked question I get on my Instagram posts pertain to the color of my walls, so I’ve compiled my interior paint colors right here in one post for your convenience.

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To say this post is long overdue is an understatement, but to be totally honest – I never even thought of doing this until now. I don’t have very many blonde moments, but when I do they make up for lost time. 

My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Wheat Bread
My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Wheat Bread
My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Wheat Bread
My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Wheat Bread
My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Wheat Bread
My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Wheat Bread

My floorplan is fairly open so when choosing my interior paint colors I knew I wanted one color for the main areas of our house to keep the flow consistent from room-to-room. Otherwise I’d have weird breaking points if the paint colors varied, which makes things start to feel a little circus-like. We also have enough variance in flooring that will be a major undertaking down the road, so keeping the paint color consistent in the main areas help distract the eye from the mess going on at your feet until we can remedy that. 

Color: Wheat Bread

Brand: Behr

Where: Main Areas - Formal Living Room // Formal Dining Room // Kitchen // Breakfast Nook // Family Room // Hallways 

You can see how the color varies based on the lighting in the room. It's a versatile color that adapts to warm and cool tones alike!

My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Creek Bend

Color: Creek Bend

Brand: Behr

Where: Laundry Room

(Check out my $150 Laundry Room Makeover here!)

My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Calligraphy and Ultra Pure White

Color: Calligraphy (Accent Wall)

Color 2: Ultra Pure White (Surrounding Walls)

Brand: Behr

Where: Boys’ Rooms

My Interior Paint Colors, Sherwin Williams, Black Fox, Windfresh White
My Interior Paint Colors, Sherwin Williams, Windfresh White, Devine Twig Painted Cabinets
My Interior Paint Colors, Sherwin Williams, Windfresh White

Color: Black Fox (Accent Wall)

Color 2: Windfresh White (Surrounding Walls)

Brand: Sherwin Williams

Where: Master Bedroom | Master Bath is Windfresh White

(view my complete bathroom makeover here)

My Interior Paint Colors, Behr, Linen White

Color: Linen White

Brand: Behr

Where: Cloffice (this was our guest room that never got used so I turned into my closet/office, aka “cloffice”)

Interior Door Colors: Ultra Pure White (on the lower levels) // Ultra Pure Black (on the upper level)

My Interior and Exterior Paint Colors, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Tricorn Black

I know I named this post “My INTERIOR Paint Colors” but it would be a crying shame to exclude my fresh new exterior door…

Color: Tricorn Black

Brand: This is a Sherwin Williams color that I had color matched using Behr Alkyd Satin Enamel Paint

(more info here)

Both of our guest baths will be undergoing facelifts this year, so those aren’t spaces you’ve seen yet but I’ll be sure to add them to the list once they’re complete!

By now you may be wondering - where are paint trends headed?

There has been a shift from the greige trend (gray with beige undertones), to more true grays that are almost white (like the Windfresh White I used in our Master Bed and Bath) to varying shades of white paired with bold accent walls.

If you’re having trouble picking a paint, I offer color consultations and would be happy to help you choose your favorite new color. All you have to do is CONTACT ME here.

If you already have a favorite color then I’d love to hear what you’re crushing on in the comments below.

Happy Painting!