Don't You Step On My Blush Suede Shoes

Pops of blush are my thang! From my house to my wardrobe, I just can't help myself. I'm just as frugal when I shop for clothes as when I shop for home decor, so if you like name brands you probably won't find much of that here. If you like good finds, then you're in the right place!

I'm headed to the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market in a few days and I've been pretty stressed about shoes that won't kill my feet after walking all day - because these markets make Disneyland feel like a cake walk. The only truly comfy option are my gym shoes and it's hard to make those stylish without yoga pants, so I was thrilled when I slipped these blush suede beauties on my jumbo sized feet. I wear a 10 so it's hard to find flats that don't make these stompers look even bigger than they are! These fit true to size, are so soft and won't be cutting into my feet at all. 


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A New Day Jisela Pink Suede Flat

These are the Jisela Pink Flats by A New Day at Target - click here to purchase online

Another must-have I wanted for market is a small backpack so I can have my hands free to touch all the yummy home decor. A cross body bag would work too but it's not my first choice because "the girls" get in the way. Well guess what? Target does it again. I died when I saw this backpack!!! Give me ALL the blush. 

Target blush back pack

Now, I know I mentioned earlier that I'm a frugal shopper but there are a select few items I'll splurge on, in both my home and my wardrobe. One of those items is jeans. I'll drop a pretty penny on them if they fit well because it's no easy feat finding a pair that do when you have muscular thighs. These black jeans fit like a glove, are so comfortable and true to size making them worth every penny. I love the ripped step hem because I can also wear these with booties to avoid cuffing my jeans at the bottom (another thing us gals with larger thighs can't get away with because it makes our legs look stumpy).

Black jeans, blush handbag, blush shoes

I'm excited to visit Dallas! I don't leave my little corner of the U.S. often so it's fun when I venture out a little further. I booked my flight in October for $89 round trip on Southwest - I still can't even believe it! I had to have Mr. CG double check it to make sure I wasn't missing something because blonde moments do happen over here.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a day trip to Magnolia at some point while I'm there because I don't know when I'll be back. Fingers crossed that time permits. I could also use some recommendations for (somewhat healthy) places to eat and fun places to go while I'm there, so where my Dallas peeps at?! Leave a comment below if you have a recommendation! You won't be able to see it, but you'll put a big smile on my face. MUAH

Have a great weekend!


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I need these so cute Christina I LOVE blush and suade

Thank you, Chell! I think you’d love them! 

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