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  • Comfy Casual Light Winter Outfit

    I'm in Dallas for the Dallas Total Home Market and I don't know when I'll be able to get back to Dallas so of course I had to squeeze in an extra day to visit Magnolia! 

  • Black front door, Tricorn Black

    You guys have NO IDEA how excited I am that the EXTERIOR of our house is on the project list this year. We spent 3 years updating the interior little-by-little and there's still more to do but we're finally at a point where we can focus on the curb appeal, and I'll be straight up with you - our house has NONE.

  • Pink Suede Flats, Pink Backpack

    Pops of blush are my thang! From my house to my wardrobe, I just can't help myself. I'm just as frugal when I shop for clothes as when I shop for home decor, so if you like name brands you probably won't find much of that here. If you like good finds, then you're in the right place!