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  • Pink Boho Decorative Beads

    Who’s dying for Spring to arrive already?  I’m raising my hand high in the sky! Although, winter skipped us this year so I really can’t complain about the weather (other than it’s already HOT).

  • Blue chairs, cable knit poufs, like to know it

    LIKEtoKNOW.it (also known as “LTK”) is a tool bloggers and influencers have been using for years, yet the question lingers – what is it?

  • How To Re-Decorate Without Spending A Lot

    Some rooms in my house, I decorate and leave alone. Other rooms, I just can't seem to stop re-decorating! To keep my bank account out of the red and my marriage viable, I've learned to get creative and re-decorate without spending a lot of money. Sometimes I don't even spend anything out of pocket at all.