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  • {DIY} Outdoor Bar with Weaber Lumber Wall Boards

    This might be one of my favorite DIY’s with Weaber Lumber’s wall boards, and it’s funny because it was my husband’s idea and he started to present it to me and then stopped and says “never mind, you’re not going to like the idea”. 

  • Designer Tip: How to Test Fit Home Decor Before Purchasing

    Let's chat about a trick I use often for myself, for my local clients, and suggest to my remote clients when we're working on an e-Design and I can't physically be in the space. 

  • 5 Inexpensive Ways to Refresh a Space

    Are you on the verge of cancelling your cable service just so you don't have access to HGTV? You know, because every time you watch it you want to sell all your furniture, tear down walls, and build a guest house? Here's the great news, you're not alone! In even better news, I'm sharing 5 ways to update a space without breaking the bank that will leave you feeling like you just did a major overhaul.