Travel Tips & a Casual Outfit for Girls' Day Out at Magnolia

I'm in Dallas with a bestie for the Total Home Market and I don't know when I'll be back to visit so of course I had to squeeze in an extra day to visit Magnolia since it's only an hour away. That day is today!

You may have heard me mention how hot our "winter" has been in Arizona, and I fully expected Dallas to be similar. NOT EVEN CLOSE. It's 30 degrees cooler, so I had a heckuva time packing for this trip because my winter clothes don't get much use at home - and what I do have is pretty light.

TIP: I always try my outfits on as I pack because it cuts down on having 387 extra "just in case" items when I know how things look on - and let's be real, I still pack a few "just in case" items but it's better than 387. I can coordinate outfits just fine, but that doesn't mean I necessarily like how they look when they're on my body so seeing it put together helps. Women's bodies fluctuate thanks to our good ol' hormones so something you loved last month may not be as appealing this month. 


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So as I'm trying these "light" winter outfits on at home, I was sweating. Seriously 2 seconds away from turning on the air conditioner!! We dress pretty warm year round in Arizona which makes it hard to remember or imagine what 20-30 degrees feels like so I just made sure to pack lighter things I can layer.

TIP: Packing in light layers (if it's not snowing!) allows you to easily remove an item if you get hot without having to lug around a heavy coat.   

I can't really layer this outfit because it's uncomfortable with the bell sleeves so I'm hoping I don't freeze, but it's supposed to be warmer in Waco today and this long sleeve shirt is a little thicker so it should be fine.

Another big concern when you're doing a lot of walking are your feet. I've had these Uggs for a few years and they are seriously my favorite because they aren't as bulky as most Uggs, so it works for our "winters". I wish I could still find them to link for you, but these are the closest I could get. You can find the rest of the items linked at the bottom of this post.

I'm so excited to explore Magnolia today and grab something yummy from the bakery! Leave a comment below about the weather you've been experiencing this winter - warm, not bad, or just plain brutal??

I'm also sharing some of the trip on my Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me over there if you want to have a little fun with us! 

Happy weekend, friends!



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