FRIDAY FASHION: The Ruffle Trim Skirt

For 17 years I got dressed up every weekday to the go to an office. Some days I miss it, but for the most part I have thoroughly enjoyed spending a good part of the last 2 years in yoga pants or jeans - and every once in a while I come across something like this adorable ruffle trim skirt that really makes me miss dressing up!

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Ruffle Trim Midi Skirt, Nordstrom

Lucky for me, it's perfect for client meetings which is enough time to enjoy it and then get right back into my yoga pants when I'm back at the computer. HA!! To be totally honest I almost passed it up on the rack because:

  1. It's a midi skirt which typically looks terrible on me because I'm tall with shapely calves and it cuts them off at a weird point, making me feel a little too masculine.
  2. I couldn't justify spending $59 on a skirt that I wasn't sure would get worn that often, and then...

LIGHT BULB - this frilly little thing can also be dressed down for a more casual look during the Spring and Summer months (which is basically ALL YEAR here) by simply swapping out the heels for cute strappy sandals and a sleeveless top! I decided to try it on just for the heck of it and was instantly sold! The asymmetrical cut in the front was actually flattering on these shapely calves - unheard of when it comes to me and midi's. 

Moral of the story - it's usually the items you're on the fence about on the rack that you end up liking the most. So if you've had your eye on something, just try it on! It's the only way you'll know if you love it or hate it, and I have a feeling this isn't the last you'll see of this striped ruffle skirt this year...

Happy Friday!!


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