Gold Picture Frame - IKEA Hack

I'm always reminded of how frugal I am when I want to switch up décor in my house. I change things up often so I learned real quick that I have to get creative to justify the change.

Capsule Wardrobe, Minimalism, Simple Living

How often do you purge your wardrobe? Never? Once a year? Only when you’re bursting at the seams for space?

My Trip To Waco and Things To Do Besides Magnolia Market

I had the best time at a Galentine’s Blogger Retreat in Waco coordinated by Tracy of Our Signature Swag and hosted by Four Columns Marketing this past weekend!

Easy DIY Builder Grade Bathroom Update | Part II: The Design Process

In my previous post (Easy DIY Builder Grade Bathroom Update Part I), I talked about my design inspiration for this (and most) projects I do in my home. Not to be confused with how I get design inspiration for clients. ;) Check out that post for before photos of this bathroom as well!

Easy DIY Builder Grade Bathroom Update

You know that saying “The third time is a charm”? I’m a believer!

Bench, Side Table, Succulent, Home Decor, Seating

The new year is a great time to refresh, declutter and get organized!

How To Install CGHI Mobile Lightroom Preset Bundles + FAQs

Thank you for purchasing the CGHI mobile Lightroom preset bundle(s)!! I'm so excited for you to start using them and enjoy the ease of one-touch editing. 

CGHI Presets for Lightroom Mobile

I officially launched TWO preset bundles for the Lightroom mobile app on January 1st – HAPPY NEW YEAR! ;) CLICK HERE to check them out!

Sugar Free Low Carb Coconut Lemon Cheesecake Keto Fat Bombs

A diet that allows three of my favorite foods? Coconut, lemon and cheesecake…

Relaxing Holiday Gift Idea for the Overworked, Spa, Robe

Holidays are the best time to show that special lady in your life that you’re thinking of her and appreciate all that she does. If a spa day is out of budget, then I have an awesome tried and true gift idea for you this holiday season!