Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring {One Room Challenge Week 5}

Only one more week till the full reveal of my guest bathroom renovation! If you’re new to the One Room Challenge, it’s where 20 featured designers and hundreds of guest participants root each other on to transform a room in 6 weeks.

Last week was all about decorating details from Overstock, and this week is the last piece to the puzzle – FLOORING from WallPops!


[This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored in part by WallPops, but all statements and opinions are 100% my own.]


Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress

In Week 3 I mentioned a change of heart with the flooring, and was uncertain as to whether or not it would work. Well, it did (HALLELUJAH) and it was incredibly easy to install - minus the fact that my back locked up half way through and I’m still nursing it back to good.

Aside from that, it was a breeze to bang out in one afternoon so I’m sharing the process with you here today!

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring, Cleaning, TSP



Since I installed this over the existing ceramic tile, it needed to be spic and span – completely dirt and residue free (especially since my son leaves 9 lbs of hairspray overspray on the floor).

I dissolved 2 tbsp of TSP in 2 gallons of hot water and used a Scotch-Brite pad to scrub the floor in true Cinderella style.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring, Cleaning, TSP

Next, I used the microfiber cloth to dry the floor and absorb any residue. I waited about 20 minutes more before moving to the next step just to ensure the floor was completely dry.

Don’t forget - I live in the dry desert where it’s 4 million degrees and things dry quickly, so if your climate is not as extreme then you may want to wait a little longer.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring



  • Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Utility Knife
  • Contour Gage
  • Kitchen and Bath Adhesive Sealant

Luckily I didn’t have to deal with a lot of strange angles or curves in this small bathroom – or I may have ended up painting the floor. But, there was one tough area by the door that the contour gage really helped template.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring

I made sure the edge of the gage was positioned where I needed the edge of the vinyl tile to be, and pushed it in until it met with the edge of the door trim.

Then I used a sharpie to trace the angles and draw a straight line across the tile where it needed to be cut to the other edge.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring

I used the utility knife to cut along the line I traced and test fit it with the protective backing still intact. I knew it didn’t need to be perfect - just as close as possible, because the sealant would fill in any gaps.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring

Once it test fit properly, I carefully removed the protective backing and positioned it into place. These are extremely sticky and you will not have a whole lot of wiggle room once it adheres to the surface, so I positioned the edge of the tile against the angles and side and pressed it down once those were lined up where I wanted them.

I repeat this step for each tile thereafter, going row by row and test fitting each one to make sure the pattern and edges lined up before adhering it to the surface. The pattern is slightly off in some areas which seemed to be a manufacturing issue, but the floor is so busy and it’s ever so slight that you don’t notice it unless you really study it. To be honest, it was less than $100 for all of the flooring in this small guest bathroom renovation so I can get past it.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring Installation

After all of the flooring was in place, I went around the perimeter of the room with the kitchen and bath sealant to fill in any gaps. 


I think this is a really great cost effective product if you’re looking to redo flooring on a budget, or looking for a temporary solution until you can go all out. It was also MUCH quicker and easier than painting tile.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring Installation

WallPops Vinyl Peel & Stick Tile / White Bath Mat / Cabinet Pulls


I can hardly wait to share my completed guest bathroom renovation with you all next Thursday!! These 5 weeks have flown by and I’m beyond ready to have the mess out of my hallway while enjoying a clean house.

Are you guys getting anxious to see all the amazing rooms the ORC participants have transformed next week??

I know I am!


P I N  T H I S  I M A G E

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress – Affordable Flooring Installation, Pinterest


That floor is gorgeous! I never would have guessed it was an amazing budget DIY-what a great idea! I'm tackling my bath during ORC too, but had to leave our existing floors as is! :)

Thank you, Kristin!! It’s definitely the best bang for your buck! 

I LOVE this style of flooring! Never knew it existed in peel and stick!! -- are they actual tiles or decals that go over your existing tile??

Thank you, Brandy! It was new to me too! They’re actual 1/4” vinyl tiles!

Wow those floors look amazing!!! Such a neat idea, you are so creative!! Love the way your bathroom is coming together!

Thank you so much, Bethany! Love how your living room is coming together too!!

How does it hold up on foot traffic? Will it rip easily? Heels? U know what I mean?

Seems like it would hold up well, but I can’t tell you from experience because we don’t wear shoes in this area. Sorry!

Was wondering about the grout lines. Will the vinyl dip down eventually n the crevices? The floor is gorgeous!

I wondered the same when I installed it, but the tiles are pretty sturdy and I’m happy to report that it hasn’t dipped at all!! 

Omg that pattern is to die for!

It’s fun, right?! Thank you, Jennifer!

That floor looks gorgeous!
I’d love to know how does it hold up with the amount of water and humidity we can find in a bathroom, is it resistant to washing it, mopping, etc? I’d like to know in advance because I might consider this DIY for my bathroom too.
Thank you, have a great day!

Hi Mitzi - yes, it is made to withstand normal bathroom conditions and cleaning. It’s a typical vinyl tile - just with a more modern pattern. Hope this helps!

The peel and stick tile looks great! And I actually think it looks better than the painted (due to the non-crispness the painting causes), but that’s just my opinion.

Thank you, Tana! I agree. There is a bit of texture but it is definitely crisper than stenciling. xox

This looks amazing!!! I can't imagine the hard work you put it to make it this perfect.

Thank you, Mindy!! I’m so anxious to share!! 

No way! That floor is amazing. I love it so much, so stunning! Our budget friendly babe!

Looks gorgeous!! Is the floor still holding up as well as when you laid it? Have any of the pieces drifted/moved over time? Thanks!

 Thank you, Holly! The floor has held up amazingly and I‘m happy to report that I have had zero issues since I installed it. 

Your bathroom is my inspiration for a summer project in my own kids' bathroom. I love it all. I am curious about how the peel and stick tiles work over the tile grout lines? Is there a noticeable bubble?

Thanks for the helpful info,

The tiles are thick enough that there aren’t any bubbles or indents at all and they’ve held up splendidly!

Thank you so much! I'm trying to work up the courage to just go for it!!

Hi there! What size were the tiles that you ordered? My floor is exactly the same tile as yours, and I want to tackle the same project. Also, did you just install the peel and stick flooring over the grout? My hubby is worried it would look odd with no grout.

Hi Lydia! They're vinyl tiles so they don't need to be grouted and I think it looks better without because the pattern is nice and seamless. Yes, I installed over the existing grout lines since the vinyl tiles are a bit smaller than the tile that was in there, and there isn't any bubbling or weird indents. The vinyl tiles are pretty thick and super sturdy so they don't bend into the grout lines. The flooring still looks awesome a year later! They only come in one size so that takes the guess work out of it, haha. ;) Hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions. Have fun with your project!!

How does it look at the edge by the door? How did you transition it to the hallway?

I caulked around all the edges and used the existing transtion piece we had to the wood floor that it butts up to in the hallway. :)

I used the same tile but couldn’t get the to stock very well. Did you try additional adhesive by chance? If so, what did you use?

Hi Annie! I didn't use any additional adhesive and they've stuck great. I cleaned these and until you could eat off of them and used a scotch brite pad to help dull the surface a bit, so maybe that's why they stuck OK?

It looks amazing!! I’m curious how you tiled around the toilet or did you remove the toilet first? I’ve seen people do both.

Thank you! We removed the toilet only because we ended up replacing it. :)

This looks great! Has the tile dipped into the grout lines yet (2 years later)? I would love to do this in my small guest bath, but I am concerned about the the long-term effect of not filling in the grout lines. Thank you!

Not at all - it still looks like the first day I installed it! No issues whatsoever. That was also a concern of mine but the tiles are pretty thick and strong so it hasn't been an issue. Definitely recommend! 

Hey! this is beautiful! Could you install this peel and stick on a floor with small tiles?

Love how this turned out! Do you know what color paint you used for your vanity? We are looking to re-do our guest bathroom and yours is our inspo!

Thank you! It is Dunn Edwards Black Spruce. :)

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