Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress - One Room Challenge Week 3

If you've ever done any renovating, then you know things don't typically go exactly as planned - no matter how much planning you do upfront. So welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge where 20 featured designers and guest participants root each other on to transform a room in 6 weeks.

We'll call this week "rolling with the punches". 

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Updated Mood Board for Week 3 One Room Challenge




Matte Black Hooks // Matte Black Hand Towel Ring // Vanity Light // Black Floating Shelves


Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress - One Room Challenge Week 3 


If you're just joining me on my guest bathroom renovation progress for the One Room Challenge, then you can catch up on Week 1 here and Week 2 here.

Since I start my projects with a mood board, I like to update the mood board if I make any changes along the way to make sure everything still flows.

Last week I wanted to have the bathroom painted (check), the faucet hooked up (check), the flooring finished and the toilet installed. Two out of four ain't bad. Just go with it - that's the new version of "two out of three ain't bad" for the sake of my project. And sanity. 

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress - One Room Challenge Week 3 Vanity

My opinion on this faucet...

You can't beat the price for such a sleek and modern style, and I love that it's not a traditional rounded faucet. I was a little skeptical (because of the price) so I relied heavily on the reviews, and I was a little uncertain about it having the ability to swivel because I didn't want it to seem janky. It's not janky at all and I actually LOVE the swivel feature because the sink is large so it's super useful for cleaning.

The verdict - I am not disappointed with the faucet itself what-so-ever and would recommend it over and over.

I was, however, disappointed in the drain that came with it. The whole drain assembly is REEEEEEALLY cheap plastic. In fact, it cracked in half when it was tightened during installation. Honestly though, that's fine - at $85 I got a good quality faucet so I'm not complaining. I ended up ordering a better drain that is less than $20. In the end, it worked out and $104 is still a great price for everything!   

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress - One Room Challenge Week 3
Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress - One Room Challenge Week 3

As you can see, the floor is still the original ugly ceramic tile from 1991 - therefore the toilet is not in. 

Once everything else started coming together and the dreaded shower curtain shopping began (I currently have SIX of them sitting in my hallway), I was wishing I'd have chosen a black and white pattern for the floor. As much as I love the pattern I chose, I just decided I need something with more contrast as the details come together. I picked these new tiles which are on the way and should be here at any moment! Hence the delay in flooring and toilet installation - and thank the good Lord above for 3 full bathrooms so we're not all piling in the master bathroom.

Wallpops Vinyl Peel and Stick Floor Tiles for ORC Week3

I've used WallPops peel and stick wallpaper before and I love it, but this will be my first time using the peel and stick vinyl floor tiles and I'll be installing them right over the existing tile. The original plan was to paint the tile like I did in my master bathroom remodel last year, but when I saw these peel and stick tiles I was beside myself. Ripping out the floor and replacing it wasn't in the budget (or my schedule to be quite honest) and I was dreading painting tile again - so say a little prayer for me that these vinyl tiles work out. Otherwise, I'm painting. 

I will have all of the decor details in my possession by the next guest bathroom renovation progress update so I'm SUPER excited to share those with you all next Thursday!! Oh, and hopefully flooring too. :)

See you next week!



Can you please come redo my bathroom! I'm loving all the black and white. Especially that floor!

Heck yeah - bathrooms are fun to remodel! Thank you, Jenn! xo

Did you say janky?! That’s one of my words and it reminds the hubs that he actually married a farm girl, not a city girl! -- Anyways love the tile change up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you find it amazing... and if so, I might just try it on my master bathroom floor. Looking good!!!

Lol! One more reason I love you! Cross your fingers for me!!

Love the progress so far! It’s going to be gorgeous and can’t wait to hear the verdict on the vinyl tiles!!!

Thank you, Bethany! Wish me luck!

I really like the new tile choice. The contrast is 100!!!!!

Thank you, Mindy! I agree. I'm a sucker for good contrast.