Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress - One Room Challenge Week 4

WOW - we’ve surpassed the halfway mark for the One Room Challenge! In just two more weeks, it’s time for the big reveal on my guest bathroom renovation and I actually think I’ll finish early. Hey – I told you guys in my first week that I would have to work hard to stretch this out over 6 weeks, and I’ve done pretty good so far.


[This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored in part by Overstock, but all statements and opinions are 100% my own.]

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress
Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress


Axel 5-Light Wall Sconce // Gold Tapered Iron Pitcher Set // Turkish Hand Towel // Matte Black Towel Ring

Vanity Color: Dunn Edwards Black Spruce (DE6308)

Concrete Countertop: The Compound Concrete


My guest bathroom renovation progress is a little more exciting this week than last because the décor I ordered from Overstock is in! This week is all about the details because that’s how I roll.

Try as I may, I’m too impatient to save decorating for the end on my own projects.

Even if I have to move the décor in and out of the space 342 times during the renovation process, having it in there helps me keep my eye on the prize and feel like things are a little less disorganized and chaotic. Try it. ;)


Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress

Plus, I’ve been hung up on what direction to go with flooring (to cover up this circa 1991 beige ceramic tile) and just got that figured out today so that’s the last big step in the process! If you read my progress update last week then you saw the new flooring choice (which arrived this week!), and if you didn’t see that then you can click here to check it out.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress



Axel 5-Light Wall Sconce // Turkish Hand Towel // Matte Black Towel Ring // Small Glass Jar


Let’s talk about this funky fresh wall sconce I chose for the vanity. Since I decided to mix metals, I knew I wanted a vanity light that tied in the matte black and brass finishes. I found a few great options, but kept coming back to this one and honestly could not be more thrilled with how perfect it is in this space.

The housing for the bulbs is more on the brass side of the spectrum as opposed to gold, which worked for me because the mirror is brassier. If your finishes are more gold/champagne toned, then I’d opt for a fixture with those lighter tones.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress


Gray Striped Turkish Bath Towel // Matte Black Hooks // White Bath Mat

Wall Color: Dunn Edwards Cool December (DEW383)


To keep with the modern vibe going on in the guest bathroom renovation, I didn’t want a traditional towel bar so I opted for these matte black coat hooks and I love them! It’s easy for my son to grab his towel and then sloppily hang it back up after he’s done – HAHA. It’s a win for us both of us, really.

I hung these about 8” apart and used drywall anchors to make sure they don’t get ripped out of the wall.

Putting them in studs would’ve been ideal, but I wouldn’t have been able to place them where I wanted them. I love Turkish Towels for their lightweight and absorbent nature, but these hooks are beefy enough to hold a large terry bath towel as well.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress, Black Floating Shelves


Gray Striped Turkish Bath Towel // Black Floating Shelves // Gold Basket Set // Glass Jar // White Modern Clock


The last of the details include these black floating shelves. I chose to go with shelves instead of art over the toilet (yet to be installed) for function. This is a rather small bathroom without much storage or counter space so the shelves hold items that would otherwise clutter the sink. 

Every bathroom in our house has a clock in it so we can stay on track when getting ready, and I like to have extra t.p. rolls readily available but displayed in a cute way.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being a guest in someone’s house and running out of toilet paper then having to rummage through their cabinets praying you find more.

Plus, let’s be honest, it ensures my boys have it readily available to refill when it runs out – and they do!

We also don’t have a medicine cabinet in here for things like Q-tips and cotton balls, so I love this jar because it’s large enough to hold both and fits in flawlessly with the other décor.

See, function can still be stylish! You just have to get creative.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Progress



Gray Striped Turkish Bath Towel // Matte Black Hooks // Gold Tapered Iron Pitcher Set


Next week I’ll have the flooring and toilet installed, and I’m waiting on one last piece of décor to arrive and then this guest bathroom renovation will be FINITO!

I can hardly wait to show you the full before and after!! You can check out the inspiration from the other guest participants here



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Love how it’s coming together! That sconce is so perfect and those brass them! Can’t wait to see it all done --

Thank you SO much, Sue!! Xo

Christina, I love every single thing about this! You are killing it with this makeover!

Thank you so much, Kristi! I can't wait to see the before and afters side-by-side. :)

Such cute styling!!! I like how you put the toilet paper in a gold basket!

Thank you, Jenn!!

It looks so good!!! Love that mirror and that lighting! The styling looks amazing too!

Thank you so much, Bethany!!

I love it all! The mirror and lighting especially.

Thank you so much, Mindy!

You’re soooo close! Love your selections... I have to say, the ‘nothing more uncomfortable than being a guest in someone’s house and running out of toilet paper then having to rummage through their cabinets to find more.’ Um, been there, done that! ------

Me too and it sucks!! Hahaha!! Thank you, Tana. Xox