Zippered Bedding for Kids & Teens

LISTEN UP, PARENTS!! We all know how difficult it is to get our kids to clean their rooms, let alone make their beds. I completely overhauled my youngest son's room about a year ago and put a big and beautiful fluffy duvet on his bed, which I think he made a total of three times. In his defense, I don't even want to mess with a duvet half the time so I can't really expect him to and I just let it slide. 

Kids and teens bedding

Now I'm at the point (a year later) where I'm tired of seeing his bed in such a sad state everyday. I'm pretty positive you can relate because we parents are always asking them to pick something up, and at some point we learn to pick our battles. As a busy mom running a business and just trying to stay sane on the daily, I feel your pain and I've got your back!

I'm about to introduce you to the bedding that will change your life...


{This post is sponsored by Beddy's; however, all statements and  opinions are 100% my own.
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Zippered bedding for kids and teens

Have you all heard of Beddy's??

It's a zippered bedding that's basically like a giant sleeping bag. But soooooo much more comfortable. I had seen photos of this bedding circulating on Instagram in kids and teens rooms for quite some time, and I'm shooting myself in the foot for not jumping on the bandwagon sooner.

Let's be real, I've even contemplated getting it for myself...

All of their bedding is fitted - even the bed skirt, whaaaaaaa?! Yep, it's attached to a fitted sheet so when you slide the mattress on (or they jump on their beds because they think we don't know), it stays put!

Bedding for kids and teens

The sheet and comforter are all one fitted piece so you don't have to deal with sheet sets anymore either. I've also seen this used as RV bedding since it fits around the mattress.

I know, it's like one mind bomb after another!

All you do is unzip the top to crawl in and zip it back up in the morning. The lining in the top is a super soft minky type fabric that is so cozy. When my youngest spent the night with his grandma and grandpa, my 17 year old snuck up to sleep in his brother's bed because he loves the bedding so much. I think it's time to buy him one...

I also got zero sass when I asked my son to make his bed for this video because he was excited to show you all how easy it is. Wait for the karate chop at the end... it makes me laugh out loud every time. 


So, what do you think?? Game changer??

If you head over to Beddy's site they're having a Pioneer Day SALE today for 24% off your entire order with code PIONEER24. Otherwise you should see a popup to subscribe for 10% off when the sale ends. 

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Zippered Bedding Kids and Teens


Amazing video! Loved every second!!

Thank you, Vanessa!! XO

You have taught him well!!!! ------------

Haha!! Thanks, Chell! 

Wow, that's impressive!!! I cannot believe your son's room looks like that! Will you take my 22 year old for some intensive training. His room has NEVER looked that good.

Also, loved that chop at the end!

Lol, it won't look that way for long. Trust me!