No-Fuss Disposable Holiday Table Settings

What if I told you that you can host a holiday gathering, create beautiful table settings and then recycle the flatware, plates, napkins and wine glasses?

Would you love me forever?

Don’t fight it. You know you would.

No-Fuss Disposable Holiday Table Settings

When the size of our Thanksgiving party doubled, I opted for disposable table settings rather than the original settings I created - which you can see here

Disposable Holiday Table Setting

OK, so I might’ve fibbed just a little because I added some mudcloth to the place settings and if anyone throws those away - they’ll lose a hand, but everything else can go in the trash. 

Disposable Holiday Table Setting

The secret is to go with plastic rather than paper.

  1. It’s more durable to hold the heaps of food you’ll be putting on your plate.
  2. It’s more elegant and harder to decipher from the real thing (until you pick it up). 

Some may call this method lazy and I’ve been called a lot of things, but lazy is one thing I know I am not –

I call it efficient. I have family in town that I don’t get to see very often and I will already have enough dishes to do from actually preparing our Thanksgiving feast, so the 30 minutes it would take to wash several more dishes is valuable time that I can be spending with family.

Family always wins!

Disposable Holiday Table Setting

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Tell me in the comments below – is disposable something you’ll try?

You can create the same table settings by clicking the links below to order your very own, and then simply switch up the tablescape for each respective holiday.

Happiest of holidays to you and yours!!


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Disposable Holiday Table Setting for Pinterest


I need those wine glasses & the gold plastic wear!

I think you do too! Great for the property!!