EASY Christmas Table Decorations & Place Settings

While I may not be an avid seasonal decorator, one thing is for sure – my formal dining table can always count on getting some holiday love. I may even find it a little therapeutic – I’m weird, I know.

I repurpose a lot of my table décor which makes switching it up between seasons easy, and kind to your bank account. For example, you can click here to see my Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting and you may notice that I carried a lot of those items over to my Christmas Table Decorations & Place Settings.  

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EASY Christmas Table Decorations & Place Settings


I bought the white dishes at Dollar Tree several years ago and they are my absolute favorite for holiday place settings. First of all, white is a staple because it will never clash with your table decorations but I bought these with the intention of using them for one season. Several years later we’re still going strong.

I wanted to do something fun and different with the flatware this time, so I found these mini stockings at Target to hold them. Speaking of this gold flatware… it’s disposable! You can check out my post about disposable holiday place settings that completely fooled all my turkey day guests here.

Also… believe me, I’m the first one to go “Fur on the dishes? Really?”

Yes. Just move the stockings to the side of the place setting before serving and rinse that dish. I also haven’t had an issue with these ones shedding, so that is something to keep in mind. If you pick up a fur stocking and find a handful of fur when you set it down – move on. That’s probably not one that you want on your table. I’m the same way with fur blankets. If I run my hand across it and it looks like I just pet a cat – it’s not going home with me. I’ve had too many nights on the sofa trying to enjoy a movie with the fam while constantly spitting fur out of my mouth every time I shift in my seat – and we don’t have animals! 

Now I have a small confession. When we first bought this table several years ago, it was black and I always kept the leaf in it. When we moved into this house, I took the leaf out and eventually painted the table (click here for the easy DIY tutorial). Well when I painted the table I forgot about the leaf and by the time I remembered, my lazy bone kicked in and said “you haven’t used the leaf for several years, you’re fine”. Nope, not fine. I finally needed it this last Thanksgiving.

Sooooooo, that is why there is a blanket underneath my table runner (LOL!!), and now I really like the table with the leaf back in, so the newest project added to my list is… you guessed it:

-       Paint Leaf

(Rest assured, I’m profusely rolling my eyes right now)

So glad I finally got that off my chest so we can take a minute to appreciate my most prized Christmas decoration – that macramé Christmas tree I found at At Home Store last year. I actually forgot about it and felt like a kid on Christmas when I was unpacking one of my bins. If you're interested in this accent wall I did, visit this post to see how easy they are to install

Now that I’ve gotten so far off topic, where was I…

Oh, yes – repurposing. I switched the pumpkin for a Christmas tree in my wooden bowl and packed it in with the paper flowers I had strewn about the centerpiece for Thanksgiving. 

When entertaining, you can’t forget the ambiance! I love using votive candles to add warmth and glow, and these are also the same ones I used as part of my Thanksgiving centerpiece. I just knew I wanted something to put them in this time, so I went to trusty old Google to see what I could find for votive candle holders and wouldn’t you know – Target came through with exactly what I wanted.

Those and the stockings were the only new things I added to my Christmas table decorations and place settings this year – everything else was repurposed from around the house, a different season or previous years.

What are your holiday plans this year? Hosting? Traveling? Tell me in the comments below, and then be sure to hop over to the other amazing bloggers I've teamed up with at the bottom of this post for even more holiday inspiration!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! 



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Woah girl, your table is amazing and so you! I love your style and how you put everything together. Merry Christmas Bestie!!

Thank you, sweets! Merry Christmas to you too! xoxo

I had no clue that your leaf wasn't painted!! I am going to have to go and snag some of those Dollar Tree plates....what a steal! I love you crisp and clean style. You always leave me inspired!

Girl - go get you some!! You always leave me inspired too! xox

First of all, I totally wouldn't have known that was a blanket under the runner, just thought you layered, and it looks amazing!! The stockings though, you know they are my fav and i am so ticked i didn't pick any up!! What a darling idea <3

Haha, you're the best Martha! Thank you!!

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