{DIY} Weaber Lumber Wall Boards Installation VIDEO

Accent walls have come a long way since the 90's!  They're definitely making a comeback in a big way but this time they're being done right in the form of ship lap, wall boards, peel 'n' stick wall paper and even paint - but not the awful colors you became accustomed to seeing a decade ago.  The painted accent walls are in beautiful navy blues and even black.  With the right decor, it is stunning!

My personal favorite are these Wall Boards from Weaber Lumber.  They are easy to install, lightweight and add a huge WOW factor to your space.  I've done a complete video tutorial below on the installation process that I hope you find helpful!  I'll go through the tools required, how to measure your space to determine how much product you need and show you how easy they are to install on your wall.  

I did make one mistake in the video and said these are the white wash wall boards, but they are in fact, the NEW gray boards that will be available early 2017.  I should have some white wash to share with you soon!  Meanwhile, the multi-colored boards are available now at your local Home Depot and cost $24.98/box.  I also have the multi-colored boards in my dining room and they are gorgeous, which you can see by visiting my gallery on Instagram.   

{This post is sponsored by Weaber Lumber, but all opinions expressed are my own.}



... and here is the finished project!

Weaber Lumber Fray Wall Boards
Weaber Lumber Fray Wall Boards

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will respond at my earliest opportunity.

Happy DIY'ing!!



Wow!! You didn't amazing girl! I love this look and the character it adds to any space!

Thank you so much Vanessa!!

Love your wall!! Turned out amazing!

Thank you, Whit!!

I'm trying to do the math to see if this is something I'd like to do. If a box gets me about 10 sq ft....would a wall that is 10' x 20' cost about $500 in boards? (Check my math here: 10x20 = 200 sq ft / 10 sq ft/box = 20 boxes x $25/box = $500)

Correct, Deanna!

Great video! Thank you!!

I'm glad you liked it! 

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