Wallpaper Your Textured Walls!

Although it may not be ideal, wallpapering textured walls is possible! If you want a perfectly smooth finish then this method may not be for you, but if you're like me and want minimal damage to the wall (read: I have commitment issues when it comes to decor so I don't like anything too permanent and want to make removal easy) then this method may be for you. 

My bathroom remodel, which will be revealed soon, has been the biggest thorn in my side! I'm a girl who typically knocks out projects in a week or less, but I'm going on two months with this bathroom. My patience was gone at week two, which has made it even more challenging because I started changing things when I shouldn't have. I know better!!

Anyway, I digress.

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How to wallpaper textured walls

I came across Milton and King Wallpaper when a fellow blogging friend did a laundry room makeover and used their white brick wallpaper. In her reveal, I thought she used real brick so when she announced that it was wallpaper I immediately ordered samples of what she used (white) and the Amsterdam Bricks (black).

Before I ordered the samples, I created a mood board and had my heart set on the black brick but still wanted to see both in case I liked the white better in person.

Wallpaper Mood Board

As you might have guessed, I chose black. I liked the contrast and how it coordinated with the other black accents in my bathroom. The ordering process was seamless and it arrived within a couple of days!

This is the first time I've used REAL wallpaper, let alone on textured walls, so I was a little intimidated. I'm usually a peel and stick kind of gal. It's easy to install, manipulate and remove. The floral wallpaper you see in the photo above is actually peel and stick wall paper from Target

However, the best results usually come from stepping out of my comfort zone so I researched my brains out on Google and found very few articles on wallpapering textured walls. As you can imagine, that did not help my anxiety and I basically knew I was on my own to figure this out.

I won't lie... due to my inexperience with woven wallpaper AND giving it a go at textured walls, I had some obstacles to overcome. Better me than you, right?? I worked out the kinks and now I can share what works! 

Milton and King makes a beautiful and thick "paste the wall" wallpaper, so the biggest obstacle was finding a paste that was strong enough to hold the paper on the wall while it dried. My Lowe's and Home Depot had a very small selection of paste and it was WEAK. I tried it because I didn't want to deal with ordering online. Bad idea. There's that patience thing again... I need to get some of those. 

I ended up wasting an entire strip of wallpaper, so I had ZERO room for error going forward. That being said, I did some more research on prep without having to mud or sand my walls and discovered this wallpaper primer, which my Home Depot did carry. For the paste, I ended up going with this Zinsser Sure Grip Heavy Duty Paste. These products did the trick!

Since this was done on textured walls, you will see some of that texture come through. However, I didn't mind having that on the bricks. Milton and King has a video tutorial on installation that I highly recommend watching before you get started (as well as read their installation instructions thoroughly). I forgot to watch that tutorial before my first attempt and I paid the price. It made the second attempt much easier and here is the finished product!

Wallpaper textured walls

In the end, I had a great experience with Milton and King wallpaper and definitely recommend their product. Especially if you know what you are doing! Unlike me.

Another part of my bath nook project update was to hide the unsightly (yellowing) splash guard to which you can find the easy DIY tutorial here.  

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Happy DIY'ing!


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