Unoriginal Protein Packed Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Let me preface this by putting emphasis on the word "unoriginal" in the title of this post. Keep reading - you'll find out why.

Although I do enjoy cooking when I have the time (and energy) I just want to be very clear about one thing - I'm an Interior Designer, not a chef, and most of my recipes come from chefs online. I only get as fancy as adjusting what they've already done. Plus, dinner time usually goes something like this...

6:01pm (child 1) - "Moooooom, what are you making for dinner? I'm hungry!"

6:03pm (child 2) - "Mooooooom, what are you making for dinner? I'm hungry!"

6:14pm (husband) - "Hey babe, what are you planning for dinner? I'm starving."

For the love of Pete, people! I'll be down in a minute.

I joke about this with all the love in the world because these truly are my people and I would do anything for them, but man they can be needy! 

Unoriginal Protein Packed Blueberry Lemon Muffins, Kodiak Cakes

The only reason I share this tidbit with you is because 1) hopefully you can relate and have a laugh with me, but 2) so you understand why I like quick and healthy meals. Quick and healthy don't always go hand-in-hand so when I find something that encompasses that criteria and doesn't taste like dog food, it's a definite keeper.

This is about to go down like the Friends episode with Phoebe's grandma's secret chocolate chip cookie recipe - Nest-a-lay Toll-eh-hooz (that seriously might be my favorite episode). So here's how to make my unoriginal muffin recipe:

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  1. Go to Target
  2. Find the aisle with baking products
  3. Grab a box of Blueberry Lemon Kodiak Cakes
  4. Go home
  5. Follow the directions for muffins on the side of the box - or if you want pancakes, those directions are on the back of the box
    NOTE: I used olive oil and almond milk
Unoriginal Protein Packed Blueberry Lemon Muffins, Kodiak Cakes

You guys, I'm not even kidding with this. One of my besties introduced me to this product and I'm sold a thousand times over so I just wanted to share the knowledge in case you haven't heard of them!  

Maybe in my next life I'll be a chef and have an awesome food blog, but for now I'm just sharing my crazy life and what works while I'm here. 

Thank you, always, for stopping by and showing interest in what comes out of this crazy ol' brain. You guys are awesome and help keep me sane!


P I N  T H I S  I M A G E

Unoriginal Protein Packed Blueberry Lemon Muffins, Kodiak Cakes, Pinterest Image

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