Interior Design Tip: How to Test Fit Home Decor Before Purchasing

I hope you're finding the new Interior Design Tips series helpful in your decorating! Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments if there's a specific topic you'd like me to cover. Today I want to share a trick I use to make sure any home decor you're considering fits in a space before you purchase it (furniture, rugs, wall decor, etc.). I use this trick myself, with my local clients, and suggest it to my remote clients when we're working on an e-Design and I can't physically be in the space to take measurements.

So, what is it??

Are you ready for this??...

Wait for it...

Blue Painters Tape!

Designer Tip: How to Test Fit Home Decor Before Purchasing

This space is undergoing some changes (read: this space is constantly undergoing changes), and since I only want one piece of art over the sofa I needed to make sure the size I was contemplating would be adequate to fill the space.  

The idea was to purchase this digital art from Northern Edge Prints (my favorite print designs!) and have a 30"x30" print done by Nations Photo Lab, then build my own frame out of left over Weaber Lumber weathered wall boards to tie in the new accent wall I did in my entryway. I grabbed my blue painters tape along with my measuring tape and measured out a 30"x30" square on the wall above the sofa. The size was great so the print is on the way and the frame has been DIY'd.

Yes, that's an actual verb...

{Merriam-Webster is just behind the times} 

DIY Frame Weaber Lumber Weathered Wall Boards

Also, because we all know the domino effect when decorating, I moved the bench that was in my living room over to the entryway and needed to replenish the seating. This isn't a very large space so it can get overcrowded easily. Being that I've been dreaming of adding two chairs to that room for quite some time, I knew I had to find two smaller scale chairs.

Wayfair and Birch Lane are my go-to choices, and once again they came through with this navy beauty. So I grabbed my blue painters tape along with my measuring tape again and began to measure out the width and length of the chairs exactly where I wanted to place them. They measured perfectly and are on order as well!

OH! Check out this cool feature on Wayfair's app... 

Wayfair View in Room Feature

Some of their products have an option to "View in Room" on the app.

When you click on that, it activates the camera on your phone and places the item wherever you have your phone pointed. You can manipulate the size by pinching and zooming. You can also rotate it with the same method. The only thing you can't do is flip it to face the opposite way so that's why the image above looks a little strange, but it gives you an idea of what will work and what won't.

I was pretty dead set another chair that I instantly fell in love with initially, but as soon as I used this feature and put it in this room I backed out of my camera and deleted it from my idea board ASAP.

Once you have the item where you want it then you can take a photo and it saves it to your camera roll. Since I wanted two chairs in this space I went back through the same steps, but this time, instead of using my current view through the camera lens I clicked on the photo gallery icon in the lower left corner of the app. This pulled up my camera roll so I could select the photo I previously took with the chair already in the room. Then I moved my second chair where I wanted it within the photo and captured that.

It's such a great feature. You'll have to give it a try because it's kind of fun!

Designer Tip: How to Test Fit Home Decor Before Purchasing

The blue painters tape trick is also great for figuring out layouts in an empty room. I use this method to give my client's a visual of how the room can be laid out to scale. It's quite difficult to imagine furniture in an empty room because the room seems much smaller, but once the furniture is in there you may realize there's more room than you thought.

It's also a great tool to figure out what size area rug you should order!


Do you already use this method?

Do you use a different method?


Do you purchase and pray?

If you use the purchase and pray method then I hope this simple little trick will save you some time, money, and headache.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below, and as always... thanks for visiting! 


P.S. Here's the end result...

Designer Tip: How to Test Fit Home Decor Before Purchasing

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