How to Simplify Home Building and Avoid the Headache

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I’ve been introduced to a new site that launched in mid June called HomLuv, and as a homeowner possibly looking to build in the next 5-7 years I fell in love with their concept and jumped at the opportunity to share it with you!

The homebuying process can be daunting in general. You know how it goes, we all start out excited and gung-ho and then the process drags on and you start saying “If I have to look at one more house…”

I personally think that goes for resale or building new, but maybe I’m just doing something wrong? If so, I’d love your advice in the comments below. It’s probably also why I love the concept of HomLuv so much if you’re planning to build vs. buy resale.

One thing’s for sure – who doesn’t LOVE looking at model homes?! But, they’re typically also upgraded to the nines and the price tag on their upgrades usually aren’t in the cards for the average buyer. This is where HomLuv comes in…

HomLuv, New Build, Kitchen

You can search online like you would for resale homes, but this is dedicated to new builds. You start by selecting the feature that’s most important to you. For instance, an open kitchen with room to move and entertain that has ample cabinet space is high on my priority list – so I’d select “Kitchens” from their homepage.

HomLuv, New Build, Homepage Kitchen Search

Then it asks for the location. This is another feature I love because if you’re relocating from another state then you can get all of your ducks in a row before you make the trip to house hunt. Brilliant!

HomLuv, New Build, Homepage Location Finder

Once you select your area, it pulls up images of kitchens for you to “shop” by with a notation on each thumbnail indicating the builder, plan, the number of beds, baths, garage size and square footage.

HomLuv, New Build, Save Favorites

When one catches your eye, click on it to open the full details and from there you can click the heart icon to “LUV” it which saves it for later. I recommend creating an account so you can share your saved models with the builder or collaborate with your co-buyer (if applicable) so they can “LUV” their favorites too.

HomLuv, New Build, Save Favorites

After you have some favorites saved, HomLuv’s technology will provide relevant home recommendations based on the models you and your co-buyer have saved. 

The other thing I love about the thumbnails is it helps you discover your “design language” if you’re not exactly sure what that style is prior to browsing. Kind of like when I have clients share their Pinterest boards with me to help me get to know their style if they don’t know how to put that into words. Having photos to save will help you with that discovery process!

I encourage you to check out their site, play around with the functionality and share it with anyone you know who might benefit from this house hunting concept.

I’d love for you to leave a comment below telling me the feature you love best about!


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HomLuv, New Build, Kitchen


This is great! It could really help you hone your style and find the right fit without having to look at a gazillion homes! Totally less daunting...

I totally agree, Tana!!

This is so helpful!! I love being able to find your design style many uses for this site!

It's so true!!

This is an awesome concept!! I hope to build again someday, so knowing this exists eases my mind so much!

I'm glad you like it, Martha! I think it's pretty cool!

I totally love this concept! Thanks for sharing!

I agree, Jayme! My pleasure!!

This is so helpful! Love the design aspect too!

Absolutely agree!!

I absolutely loooove this concept!

Isn't it great?!

This is really cool!! I would love to build in the future, and this would be a great tool! Thanks for sharing Christina!

I think so too, Vanessa!! Glad you like it!

What a great idea! I hope they bring it to Canada as well!! Thanks for walking us through it!


I think that would be a smart move, Karan!!

Such a neat concept!!! I would definitively use something likes this!

Glad to hear that! I would too!

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