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Have you been trimming your tree and decking the halls?!

Holiday Home Blog Tour | Mohawk Home, Painted Built Ins, Family Room

It’s still a work in progress over here, but that’s mostly because I made two changes that spiraled into a complete room makeover.

I painted my built-ins and switched out the rug which led to a new “sofa” (a.k.a. theater style seating, which is the ONLY time Mr. CG hasn’t given me grief about suggesting a new “sofa”). The new “sofa” led to new wall art and end tables, which led to...

You get my drift.

Holiday Home Blog Tour | Mohawk Home, Floating Fireplace Mantle, Painted Brick

So holiday decorating has taken a backseat and I’m making progress which you’ll see (in reverse) throughout the photos in this post.

But before we go any further, the law requires me to let you know that I received Mohawk Home flooring free of charge to facilitate my review. What I require me to tell you is that I will not review or recommend ANY products to you that I do not fully back myself. If I receive something that I think is subpar and won’t keep in my home, then I absolutely will NOT even take the time to review nor recommend it to you. This post may also contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you.

Whew. Now that legal stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the fun stuff!

Holiday Home Blog Tour | Mohawk Home, Floating Fireplace Mantle, Painted Brick

The newly painted built-ins and the area rug complement each other so well and bring that perfect amount of contrast I crave to this room.

We painted them with Behr Alkyd Satin Enamel in Black Mocha, and for the first time in the four years we’ve lived here, I actually don’t hate them. I stained them previously because my husband wouldn’t let me paint them white, and I hadn’t quite discovered all the fun different shades of black paint at that time, so it all worked out in the end. Click here to see what they used to look like.

Holiday Home Blog Tour | Mohawk Home, Painted Built Ins, Family Room

If you follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my blog then you might know I’m a rug junkie. I LOVE area rugs, and I LOVE layering them.

However, when I put this one down I loved the simplicity and freshness it brought to the room so I didn’t want to cover it up.

This replaced THREE area rugs I had layered, but it’s a good thing I can always use extra rugs for my home staging inventory so the extras won’t go to waste. ;)

Holiday Home Blog Tour | Mohawk Home, Painted Built Ins, Family Room

This particular rug is the “Under the Canopy by Mohawk Home Prismatic Area Rug – 8x10” from Overstock with the Extra Thick Felt Pad Rug Pad underneath. The rug itself is great quality and thick like carpet (also made in the USA!), but when you put the rug pad underneath - it’s extra plush.

What drew me to it was the simplistic design and the offset geometric lines. It’s also a rug that I can envision in multiple rooms in my house, so I like the idea of versatility should I decide to switch things up and shop my home - as I often do.

Holiday Home Blog Tour | Mohawk Home, Painted Built Ins, Family Room

Mr. CG was out golfing with the boys when I swapped the rugs out and when he got home he goes “I like this one so much better, and it’s so much softer to walk on.” So there you go ladies - it’s husband approved.

I’ve purchased quite a few rugs at this price point and I think this one surpasses the quality of the others, so in conclusion I’d highly recommend Mohawk Home’s area rugs.

I’ve made progress on my tree but I’ve gotta get back to the holiday decorating so I can actually get finish before Christmas! While I do that, I hope you’ll check out the rest of the amazing inspiration on this holiday home blog tour with Mohawk Homes linked below.


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Holiday Home Blog Tour | Mohawk Home

Happy Holidays!



Christina, this is spectacular. I love your new rug and every other detail! so gorgeous my friend!


Thank you, Karan!

The rug looks great in your space! It's a natural fit for your decor :)

Thank you, Ariel! I agree!

i am in love with that rug and your living room! i came so close to choosing that one!!! it's beautiful and love it with your black and white decor.

Thank you, Cassie! I love how simple it is!!

I love how you placed the garland on the mantle-the partial coverage is so nicely balanced with the books and tree~~very clever! First time visiting your site and I love your style.

Thank you so much, Mary!!

This rug is SO YOU!! I love love love it! Loving all the cozy textures <3

Isn't it?! It was calling my name! Haha. Thank you, Martha!

You couldn't have picked a better rug. This is gorgeous. I am LOVING all your Christmas decor this year and your mantel is AMAZING>

Thank you, Kristi!!

I love how the garland lays over one edge and the stockings don’t get lost (due to this)... I wouldn’t have thought of this, but it’s totally balanced. Love the changes!

Thank you, Tana! Asymmetrical is my jam. :)

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