Guest Bathroom Inspiration – One Room Challenge Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge!

Over the next 6 weeks I, along with the ORC featured designers and other guest participants, will be racing against the clock to completely transform an entire room.

If you’ve been with me for a while then you know I like to completely transform a room in a week or less, so my challenge will be to stretch this out over 6 weeks – LOL.  


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[This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored in part by WallPops FloorPops and Aspect Peel & Stick Tile.]

ORC Challenge Week 1 Design Board

It might actually be a blessing to be forced to pace myself. I’ve been so busy with clients that I don’t have the time I used to have for house projects (which is a great problem to have!), but I’ve had this bathroom reno on my list for way too long so this challenge is exactly the kick in the butt I need to work tirelessly on a new project!

This small bathroom belongs to my 13 year old son whose favorite color since grade school, is gold. It used to make me chuckle, but now that brass is back with a sexy modern twist I think it’s safe to say the joke’s on me!

His love for gold was my sole inspiration for this bathroom - but staying true to my mantra, I don’t want it too trendy so I’ve incorporated brass accents into a classic black and white palette with a bold dark green cabinet color.

I figure cabinets are easy to re-paint, and hardware and mirrors are easy to sell and swap out when trends change.

I almost went with the gorgeous brushed gold Kohler Purist faucet, but I felt too much guilt and I know I’d feel even more guilt when it goes out of style – so I passed.

ORC Challenge Week 1 Materials and Inspiration

These are the materials I have ready to go for this project and I’m actually diggin’ the matte black faucet from Amazon a lot. Like A LOT, a lot.

It’s also more conducive to my frugal design style and won’t leave me with any guilt if I want to replace it down the road.

The patterned peel & stick vinyl tiles are by WallPops and I’m so excited to try them because I was dreading painting another floor!

Guest Bathroom Before
Guest Bathroom 2016 Update

This bathroom already received a mini makeover 2 years ago just to buy us time until I could do a more extensive reno. There were sooooooo many other projects to do first, but I couldn’t take the oak for one more second. So there’s the true before and the 2 year old update.   

ORC Challenge Guest Bath Week 1 Demo

Now the current state is – DEMO!! Complete with my cabinet paint swatches and all – HA!!

By next week the new concrete countertop will be installed. If all goes well this weekend then progress will be made on the vanity and backsplash too, so be sure to check back next Thursday for an update!

OH! I almost forgot. I despise shopping for shower curtains. I can’t stand how the standard length curtain looks in here so I use drapes since the selection in longer shower curtains is bleak. So if anyone has a line on long shower curtains that don’t cost a fortune – clue a girl in! Otherwise I'll be using drapes again. 

See you next week! 


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Excited to see what comes next!

Thank you, Rachel! I am too. ;) xo

I completely agree about shower curtains! What is the deal with that anyway? lol! I can't wait to see your progress, I am doing our guest bathroom also this round. Bathrooms need love too!

I am so relieved to hear I'm not the only one!! Target has such a great selection right now too, and they're all so short! Yell Yay for bathroom reno's!! xo

Christina - your design plan is stunning! I'm so excited to see the final reveal!

Thank you so much, Jen!! I’m excited too!! Xox

Love the black faucet!! can't wait to see more in a few weeks!

Thank you, Tim!!