Fall Tablescape with a Boho Twist

I'm so thrilled to be joining some amazing bloggers for a Fall blog hop to bring you several different takes on Fall decor this year!

It's no secret that I love textures, textiles and nature inspired decor, which is why I was so anxious to come up with a Fall tablescape that tickled my boho bone this year. Last year was all about neutrals and this year has been all about adding color into my decor. 

Boho Inspired Fall Decor

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The boho trend caught on something fierce this year (especially after Target picked up on it), but I owe my obsession to my good friend and creative genius behind Boho Pillow. Browsing her inventory got me hooked on textiles before the trend really caught on, and coming into 2017 I was crazy inspired by the pinks and blues in the african and hmong textiles. Incorporating color into my decor was a huge step out of my neutral loving comfort zone, but I haven't looked back once!

Boho Inspired Fall Tablescape

I'll let you in on a little secret... I'm sooooooo not a seasonal decorator. I don't get super excited about it like most people do. I tinker with my decor so much that when I finally find the balance I'm content with, it's a whole production to change it up because it never fails that I end up with the decorator's domino effect. I always think I can change one space and call it good, but then it doesn't flow with the adjacent space and I have to tweak that, and so on.

I'm also kind of a cheapo and don't want to spend a ton of money on something I'm only going to have up for a couple months and then pack away. One thing our house lacks is ample storage space, so that sort of forces me to keep my decorations minimal anyway. I've tried to go all out and then all I can think about is how much I want to take it down, so I've learned where my balance lies...

Boho Inspired Fall Tablescape with Mudcloth

... and that's in minimalism and finding a few fun pieces that I get excited about - like that concrete looking pumpkin and wood bowl from Home Goods, the crazy cool wicker carafe and glass set (which is on MAJOR sale at Pier 1 right now), and of course the macrame table runner (also on sale right now!).

Boho Inspired Fall Tablescape with Mudcloth

Anytime I create a tablescape I start with white dishes because it lets the finishing touches take front row. I purchased my white dishes a few years ago at Dollar Tree and those remain to be the best investment I've ever made in dishes. I have a set in my staging inventory and I store this set for holidays.

Adding the finishing touches is always my favorite part. I borrowed the wood Aloha Beads from my bedroom to dress up the pumpkin and found the pink dishes on clearance at Pier 1 this season. I love how they subtly tie in the pink from my area rug!

Boho inspired fall table setting

Cloth napkins are also something I'm pretty picky about and don't want to pay a fortune for, so Pier 1 has always been my go-to for those and napkin rings. I'm beginning to realize how much it may seem like this post is sponsored by Pier 1, but I assure you it is not - LOL. I just happen to love their selection for table decor and come home with quite the lot when I'm working on my tablescapes. 

One thing I never throw away are the scraps from the textiles I purchase because I've always been able to find a use for them, and this year I wanted to incorporate them into my table settings somehow. I found the blue cloth napkins to go with the white mudcloth, and then I fell in love with those light blue plaid napkins and thought they would add an interesting (and more traditional) Fall element to the table. 

Boho inspired fall table setting

I've always taken a pretty unconventional approach to interior decorating, and this year's Boho inspired tablescape is no exception with pink and blue. When it comes to decorating, the sky is the limit (as long as it's cohesive, haha)!

Boho Inspired Fall Tablescape with Mudcloth

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I love the blue.. looks amazing, and it does no matter the season. I am sooo with you on decorating seasons. Don't get me wrong, I adore them all, but sometimes feeling satisfied with how things shape up "finally" and then destroying it all to decorate for a holiday leaves me batty!!! I take pictures to remember how I had things :)

I couldn't agree with you more, Martha!!

I am smitten with your boho fall table!! You have incorporated everything so seamlessly. Wonderful job!

Thank you, Megan!!

You nailed this Christina. You Boho vibe is perfection! Wish I could sit around this table with you.

Thank you, Kristi! I wish you could too!!