Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial With Maskcara Eyeshadow

Tapping into more of the "Lifestyle" part of my blog I've promised for a while now, I thought it would be fun to switch gears from DIY tutorials to share how to do an easy smokey eye with Maskcara eyeshadows.

If you're not sure what "Maskcara" is, then hop over to this post for a little more info on why this product replaced 99.9% of my other makeup. 

You can re-create this look with any eyeshadow (obviously), but just keep in mind that what I'm using and the colors I'm referring to in the following video are from Maskcara:



For more tutorials, you can click here to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Quite honestly, if I can pull off creating this smokey eye with Maskcara eyeshadow then you can too! It just takes the right tools.



Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial With Maskcara Eyeshadow


Hi, Loved your tutorial. I went on their website however I don’t see any of the colors that you are using. Can you help me out? Thanks

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! A lot of our eyeshadows are out of stock right now because they're reformulating (to make them even better!). I'll make an announcement on my social media accounts when all colors are back in stock, so if you follow me on either Instagram or Facebook I'll announce it in both places. The existing shadows are discounted to $8 until they go out of stock, and when they restock it will go back to regular price at $12. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!!

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