CGHI Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

Does anyone else feel like they blinked and 2017 was over?! Good grief. It's hard to believe I'm even rounding up my top 10 blog posts of 2017 already. The fun part is, that means CGHI is turning one year older! The not-so-fun part is, that also means I am turning one year older. BLAH. Being only a few years away from the big 4-0 is really starting to sink in!

I propose that we begin stating our age in versions, so another year is like an updated and better version of ourselves where we've worked out some of the bugs. Rather than 37, I'm about to embark on Version 3.7 of the updated me - HAHA! I literally just came up with this as I was typing and I think I need to stop and give myself a pat on the back. Doesn't 3.7 sounds so much less scary than 37?!

Cloffice, Closet, Home Office

2017 was a big year of discovery for me because it was the first full year I ran my business full time, rather than just doing it on the side. I learned so much and business branched off into several different directions that I never would've expected, but this year I want to focus on my blog more. While DIY and design will still be the main topic, you might see some other fun things sprinkled in that are part of my daily life such as fashion, healthy recipes, the occasional beauty tutorial and maybe even a few fitness tips!

After looking through last year's blog stats it was very apparent that you guys favor the DIY's and tutorials, and I do too so that was exciting to see! I'm going to start with number 10 to keep you on the edge of your seat. J/K. I'm going to start with number 10 because the number 1 was totally unexpected. Maybe you'll feel differently, but it came in first place by a long shot so maybe that's part of the reason I was so surprised. 

How to hang wall decor correctly

10. Interior Decorating Tip - How to Hang Wall Decor at the Correct Height

This is a post I share often with my clients because most people hang things too high. 

Painted Brick Fireplace

9. Painted Brick Fireplace and Fall Inspired Mantle

This is one of my favorite DIYs of 2017, which is slightly amusing because of how "anti-painted brick" I was for so many years and swore I'd never paint mine. Never say never!

Small budget laundry room makeover

8. $150 Laundry Room Makeover

Verdict: It hasn't made me do laundry more often, but having the washer and dryer on pedestals has helped me keep my language a bit more lady like when doing laundry because it's easier to get everything in and out - and it sure is pretty look at! 

How to transform your table without sanding or priming

7. {DIY} Two-toned Painted Table Video Tutorial

This is the method I used on both of my black dining tables and I love it because there is NO sanding or priming involved and both of them have held up splendidly!

How to keep white bedding white without harsh chemicals

6. How to keep white bedding WHITE!

This also how you get super stinky clothes (like teenage boy's gym socks) fresh again!

Builder grade bathtub makeover under $100

5. Builder Grade Tub Updated for Under $100

This is another one of my favorite DIYs because of how easy it was to cover up the ugly yellowing backsplash while giving the tub more of a custom look.

How to install wall boards

4. {DIY} Weaber Lumber Wall Boards Installation Video

I'm still obsessed with these wall boards and how easy they are to install!

Build your own outdoor poolside bar

3. {DIY} Outdoor Bar with Weaber Lumber Wall Boards

This was one of our more complex DIYs that has been a huge it at our pool parties! It's so nice to have a place for storage, to put food and drinks and also have extra seating for guests since we don't have an outdoor dining table. I was curious to see how it would hold up to the elements and so far it's doing awesome. I just wipe it down occasionally since we have so much dust out here and it's good to go!

Builder grade bathroom remodel under $2,000

2. Builder Grade Master Bath Makeover for UNDER $2k

Alas, the DIY that truly tested my sanity so I'm REALLY glad this one made it into the top three!

Now for the post that pulled in the number one spot by a mile...

...Drumroll please...

MacKenzie-Childs Summer Tablescape

1. Make a Statement with your Summer Tablescape

I don't seem to be the only that LOVES MacKenzie-Childs products. The number of views on this post is almost double the post that came in second place!

I just want to take this opportunity to tell you all how much I appreciate you reading (and subscribing to!) my blog. It seems like everybody and their mother has a blog these days so the fact that my posts even get ONE view mean more than I can ever express. I'm so excited to see what 2018 holds and wish you guys a prosperous year filled with abundance in all things great!



Such a great year! Loved every one of the posts!! Here's to a wonderful 2018!! ❤️

I'll cheers to that!! xoxo

It was so fun to see your top 10 posts!!! And I love the 3.8 version better than 38 --. I am totally going to start using that!!

Right?! It takes some of the sting out of it. LOL

Ok, first of all... 40 is fab!!! Don’t worry about turning 40!!! I personally think life keeps getting better and more meaningful with age -- you had a fabulous year and I remember all of these except #1!!! Too funny! But I love it too!

Too funny! Thank you, Martha! Maybe I'll feel that way when I reach version 4.0, but right now I'm freaking out a little!! I miss my youthful skin already. LOL

Wow!! You had an amazing year! Congrats on your blog turning the big 1!

Thank you, V!!

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