CGHI Fashion + Style Preset Bundle

The CGHI Fashion + Style Preset bundle for the Lightroom mobile app includes 8 different variations of presets so you can find one or two that work for you without any fuss or additional editing. It all depends on the brightness of the original photo - the brighter presets are intended for images captured with your phone camera, and the more subtle presets are designed for photos taken with a digital or DSLR camera that capture brighter originals.

All of the presets are universal and what you love is personal preference but this gives you an idea of their intended use to start, and you can alter from there when/if needed (sometimes I do it too!). If you feel you need to make any adjustments, start by adjusting the sliders in the "Light" tab in the Lightroom app.

Instant Digital Download + Install Instructions

Once your checkout is complete you will see a button to download a .zip file with your new presets and installation instructions. You must "unzip" the file to access the written instructions, or you can CLICK HERE for a video tutorial. 

TERMS: By adding to cart and completing purchase, Buyer agrees not to share the contents of purchased .zip file(s). ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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