Get Color Matched

Look flawless without the effort.

Send me your selfie and I'll send you your colors within 24-48 hours!

IMPORTANT:  Please follow the instructions below and refer to the graphic at the bottom of this page for the best color match. I won't be able to color match a selfie in direct sunlight (i.e. outside or in your car) as it will be a mismatch because the light is too harsh (and I'll have to request an additional photo referencing the graphic below). The indirect sunlight in the example below is our magic potion for a successful color match! 



  1. Face a window standing about 2 or 3 feet away from it to get indirect sunlight on your face with no shadows (see example below).
  2. Clean your phone camera lens for a crisp photo.
  3. Make sure there are no filters or makeup on your beautiful face.
  4. Snap your selfie, gorgeous! Please include your decollete (neck + chest) in the frame. The filtered natural sun light will allow me to see your true skintone and any skin conditions I'll need to take into account when recommending your perfect colors.

Selfie Color Match Guide