GOLD Picture Frames - IKEA Hack

I never really realize how frugal I am until I want to switch up some décor in my house. I change things up often (I’ll do another blog post in the near future about how I do that without breaking the bank), so I learned real quick that I have to get creative to justify the change.

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have heard me mention my word for 2018 – SIMPLIFY. There are a lot of areas in my life to be simplified, but the most immediate is my surroundings (read: décor).

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Formal Living Room Decor

This is what I had over the sofa before, but I am going for a more polished and less rustic look this year. I set out on a quest to find affordable 24x36 thin gold picture frames and cactus prints to go over the sofa in my formal living room, and quickly discovered that nothing I liked was in the price range I wanted - so it was time to get creative. 

LOMVIKEN Aluminum Frame

I went to IKEA and found these 24x36 LOMVIKEN aluminum frames for $24.99/ea., took them home and used my favorite gold spray paint on them – Rustoleum Hammered Gold Rush Metal Finish Spray. The RIBBA frame would also work great for this project! 

I’ve used that spray paint on several things in my house, like the wall sconces from World Market at the top of this post. I usually apply 3-4 coats so it doesn’t look hammered because I don’t prefer that look, but if you do then just apply a couple of light coats. 

To achieve the look I simply removed the acrylic, matt and backing so I was left with just the frame, and sprayed each one with four coats of the gold spray paint outside where it's well ventilated. 

GOLD Picture Frames - IKEA Hack

The cactus prints are digital prints I purchased on Etsy and had printed on enhanced matte paper from Picture Salon online. 

GOLD Picture Frames - IKEA Hack

Bottom line: you can pay less than $125 for two large 24x36 pieces of framed art if you put a little effort and creativity into it. That is a STEAL, my friends.

What are some of your favorite IKEA hacks??


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I am loving your more simplified look C. It's so beautiful and elegant.

Thank you, Kristi! I'm diggin it too. ;) xo

Everything is always soooo beautiful.

Thank you so much, Talitha!!

Love this so much! Looks like the frame is 24 x 35 3/4. Did you get the prints made in 24 x 36 or did you do a custom or smaller size? Thank you in advance!!

Thank you, Allie! I did custom 20x28 prints so the mat didn't cut off the image and I used tape to adhere it to the back of the mat to keep it from sliding. 

Thank you so much!!

Of course!! But I had a typo in my reply. I fixed it, but it should be 20x28 prints (NOT 20x20).  Sorry!!

Did you not spray the sides or back of the frames? We have tried twice (now having gone through 6 Ikea frames!!!) and both times the frame gets ruined despite waiting days to do the other sides - it somehow sticks to wahtever we spray paint it on! Any tips????

Hi Cari, 

I spray the sides but not the back. I have saw horses I put them on so most of the frame is not sitting directly on a surface. I've never had any problems with them getting ruined or sticking to the surface doing it like that. I also do several light layers and let it fully dry in between. Hope that helps!

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